10 Unique and Unusual Sports Played at British Schools

Discussion around sports in British schools often conclude that children don’t do enough of it, particularly in secondary schools. There are plenty of schools that are trying to change that, and here are just some of the unique sports that they are offering to get pupils excited about exercise. [More]

Why More Schools Are Adopting Traditional ‘House’ Systems.

School house systems were once associated with strict public schools and Enid Blyton novels, but an increasing number of schools are reintroducing school houses. Those that have done this have found a number of benefits in improving behaviour and boosting morale. If you’re considering bringing the Sorting Hat to your school, read on for some of the reasons why the school house system can be a great thing. [More]

Why Study a Modern Foreign Language at GCSE and A-Level?

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What Sports Scholarships Are Available in the UK?

For skilled sportsmen and women, scholarships offer the chance to pursue a range of opportunities while gaining financial support to help with the cost of university. Here, we provide the essential information that school and college leavers need to know about the UK's sport scholarships. [More]