5 Ways Students Benefit from the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Here at SWI, we’re big advocates of the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Founded in 1956 by Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, the DofE represents the benchmark in youth award programmes. Though initially targeted at youngsters in the UK, the programme has since been introduced in 144 nations across the globe — helping thousands of young people from all walks of life fulfil their potential over a series of stimulating self-improvement exercises.


In 2015, SWI were given the opportunity to partner with the DofE to develop a specialist outdoor clothing range tailored to the needs of its participants. Incorporating high performance fabrics and a range of personalisation options, our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award range offers the perfect kit in which to complete this enriching self-achievement award.


For those considering signing up to the DofE, here we present 5 benefits offered by the scheme.

It’ll Open Doors for You


The DofE is so much more than a youth activities programme. With a bronze, silver or gold DofE award on your CV, there’s no telling where your career could take you. Colleges and universities will see your DofE activities as a substantial tick box on your application, bolstering your chances of achieving a place at the establishment of your choice.


According to an article by The Guardian, the DofE can help you secure a place at university, even if you don’t meet the requirements on grades alone. So depending on the course you’re applying for, the award could prove the key to your future success.

You’ll Develop New Skills


Skills acquired beyond the classroom will stand students in good stead upon leaving school, and the DofE award offers plenty of opportunities to develop. Before businesses, colleges and universities voiced their interest in the scheme, the DofE was created simply to develop skills such as leadership, teamwork and perseverance. By partaking in the award programme you’ll attain a roster of new skills and experiences that will not only boost your CV, but help to develop you as a person, too.

You’ll Form a New Love for the Great Outdoors


Health experts are constantly reminding us to get more exercise in the great outdoors, and the DofE encourages plenty of time be spent in the open air. During the Expedition section of the DofE, you’ll partake in hundreds of activities intended to nurture an appreciation for nature and the outdoors — from camping and hiking, to more specific skills like wildlife breeding and conservation work. No matter whether you live in a city or village, you’ll develop a whole new love and appreciation for the world beyond your front door.

You’ll Make Lifelong Friends


The DofE is unique in that it throws young people into different situations to those offered in the schoolyard. Often requiring teamwork and collaboration, these challenging experiences will help you bond with likeminded individuals from all walks of life, some of whom could go on to become lifelong companions.

It’ll Help You Decide What to do with Your Life


Asking young people to decide what they want to do with their life is a tough question, and one many adults would find difficult to answer. If you’re panicking about the next step, the DofE provides the platform you need to carve out your career path. The scheme is designed to push you beyond your comfort zone, and into situations which could prove invaluable to your lifetime goals.


Whether you’re just starting your DofE or have already secured a bronze, silver or gold award — our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award wear is designed to help you succeed and celebrate in your achievements. To browse our complete DofE collection, or to receive a no obligation quote, visit the SWI website or call us on 0845 519 00 99.